Welcome 2012 … with a new press!

Welcome 2012 …

I know, I know … we entered 2012 6+ weeks ago, but we were so busy running our new press, that we forgot to share all the excitement! It is finally time to give our new press a warm welcome!

It has always been part of the big picture for ChaseVP to have a 6 color press and in late November 2011, the dream finally came true. Early on a Saturday morning in November, 2 semi trucks arrived containing this massive machine. Two weeks later, we heard the new 6 color begin to hum.

Why is the 6 color such a big change? What does it do for our clients?

Some may ask — why get rid of your perfectly fine 4 color Komori for this new monster? Well, in upgrading to our 6 color Komori, we were able to combine two of our existing presses (our 4 color and one of our two color presses), letting us run prints faster and more consistently for the whole shop. This new piece of equipment allows us to apply an aqueous coating inline versus as a separate pass. It also has the capability to run an additional spot or metallic color in the same run. In addition, it runs faster, has more fine adjustment capabilities, and follows along with our Green model. We now run one less piece of equipment, yet we have expanded our capabilities.

This NEW press allows us to compress schedules for clients when needed, to run more complicated projects and helps us maintain the highest quality standards possible.

Let us know if you are as excited as we are to start 2012… feel free to stop by and check our new toy too!!


It’s an exciting time at ChaseVP!

It’s an exciting time here at ChaseVP!

With the launch of our new website, we have a great new platform to share what is happening in our shop, the world of green printing, and much more. We have new in-house capabilities, expanded “green” options, and this great new resources for all of our clients — old and new!

Our Blog

Check out our blog weekly for the latest and greatest we have to offer in print, design, and web. From new in-house paper, to the latest eco-audits, you can find it all right here!

Green Resources

Ever wonder what your carbon footprint is? Or how your business can become “green” certified? Our Green Resources section has some great online resources for you and your business. From green blogs, to games and information about our sustainable equipment, you can really get your knowledge of being green started right on the ChaseVP website.

Did you know that our digital printing facility is “green”?

Or that delivery is always included. Or that your piece can be customized with variable data in multiple fields? From the basic print shop services that you have come to trust, to many more services that may be new to you, you can find them all in our Expertise section of our website. Maybe we can help you expand your business through our growing list of services!

Not sure what you want your piece to look like?

We have created a great online gallery of projects. It’s broken up by project type, so you can get some inspiration on exactly what you need. Think you have a project that should be featured… let us know!