At ChaseVP, printing is not just “printing”. It’s about working with a team you can trust to get the job done, who is dedicated to making your project a number one priority and takes pride in the final product. The most important ingredient to success to any small company is the employees. At ChaseVP over half of our staff has been with us for 15 plus years. Their dedication to their work and our clients is an integral part of our quality and success. They are always more than happy to answer your questions and take your project from and idea, to reality.

Please stop by sometime to say hello, take a tour, and meet our office team press operators.

Meet Our Team:

Jeff Burnham Jeanne Schmit Jenny Huerta


Meet Jeff Burnham.
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Jeff purchased Chase Lithography in 1989. After 12 years working for another printing firm, Jeff felt he had learned the ropes, and the entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. He decided to purchase ChaseVP, and 21 years later, ChaseVP is a thriving Bay Area printing company.

After being in this industry for close to 34 years Jeff still can’t wait to get to work in the morning.

“I love the people I work along side and the customers who I have been helping throughout my career. Seeing a job from concept to the finished piece is very rewarding especially when the customer is happy.”

Professionally, Jeff has always had a reputation for being very customer service oriented and his clients appreciate his ability to problem solve under the most intense situations — and always with a smile.

On a typical day, Jeff can be found working with one of his many non-profit or educational clients. He has assisted them with design, print, and mail — offering multiple solutions to customer needs.

How about outside of ChaseVP – what keeps Jeff busy?

Jeff is passionate about the non-profit, Turning Wheels. As a board member, he enjoys helping underserved children in our community, and has become a mentor to those kids who are less fortunate. When not at the office or working on at Turning Wheels project, Jeff can be found fishing, mountain biking, or kayaking in the sierras. He is also crazy about playing softball and enjoys watching San Francisco Giants.

5 Facts about Jeff

Where did you grow up?
San Jose, California

Your inspiration?
Mother Nature

Favorite Color?

Favorite Food?
I love pizza. When I was 15 I worked as a cook in a pizza restaurant and made every concoction known to man. To this day my wife looks at me funny when I order a pizza and she normally says…I’m not eating that.

If you could spend a day anywhere, where would it be?
If I had my choice as to where I could spend my day it would be in my boat on a lake with my closest friends.

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Meet Jeanne Schmit, pre-press at ChaseVP.
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Jeanne joined the ChaseVP team in 2000. She is a “digital investigator” at heart – running our pre-press department and making files run seamlessly from submission into production. With a background in small press operation, she really understands the technical details of files and is great a keeping clients in the loop with the progress of their files.At ChaseVP, Jeanne is really a problem solver … and she enjoys it! A knowledgeable, informed customer is confident and easier to work with. From clients that call screaming “My file won’t upload!” to basic software questions, all she has to do is be on the phone with them, and 99.99% of the time, the problem is solved.

“I like solving problems and making the impossible work. Thank God there are many ways to skin a cat.”

How about outside of ChaseVP – what keeps Jeanne busy?

When not at work, Jeanne can be found on her farm and riding her horse, Ivy. She loves the way horses can communicate very effectively without words. From horse camping, to riding at local parks or arenas, Jeanne can be found out doors and away from the computer!

5 Facts about Jeanne

Where did you grow up?
Hopewell, New Jersey

Your inspiration?
My horses, my grand daughters that have that connection with them also. The wonderful caring group of horse people that I associate with.

Favorite Color?

Favorite Food?
margarita? Is that considered food? Ha, well it is tonight!

If you could spend a day anywhere, where would it be?
Tahiti and make that a month.

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Meet Jenny Huerta, Office Manager at ChaseVP.
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Jenny joined the ChaseVP team prior to current owner, Jeff. She knows the shop better than anyone! Originally, her dream was not to be in the printing industry, but after getting her start in the bindery department, Jenny has worked her way through ChaseVP and couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.As the office manager and customer service interface, Jenny assists with paper orders, customer reprints, billing, and much more! On a typical day, she can be found shipping an order, confirming the delivery schedule, sending reprints to pre-press and keeping up with the needs of the growing print shop.

Jenny gets the most satisfaction working with the ChaseVP clients – like when a client calls to order a job and they need it the next day. Because we have a large volume of paper in house, we can offer next day delivery to our clients when absolutely needed.

“I truly enjoy helping with customer service and assuring my customers they will get their jobs in the best quality possible.”

How about outside of ChaseVP – what keeps Jenny busy?

When not at work Jenny can be found spending time with her family. She enjoys participating in her children’s school activities (baseball, football, cheerleading, dance), and watching a good movie. And Sunday dinners – with a big family there is always a big Sunday gathering!

5 Facts about Jenny

Where did you grow up?
Morgan Hill, California

Your inspiration?
My family … I look forward to becoming a grandmother. AND I hope my children can look at me as being a good role model.

Favorite Color?

Favorite Food?
Mexican food … and did I mention margaritas!

If you could spend a day anywhere, where would it be?
I really don’t travel much, but I would love to got to Hawaii.

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