Sending Files

Are your files ready to go? Upload your files to us via our FTP program (ftp program link here) or email them to our prepress department. Only email files that are 10mb or less.

Click here to submit your file through our FTP Submission Form!

Have questions on preparing your files?
Here are some basics:

1. Only submit files which are needed. Do not send the only copy of your files.
2. A printout of your final document or a PDF should accompany your submission.
3. Make sure bleeds extend beyond the trim of the document by at least 1/8 inch.
4. Make sure the document’s pasteboard (the area outside the trim) is empty.
5. Your document should reflect the actual finished size of your piece. Please specify any fold, score or perforations that need to be done.
6. Do not use graphics and logos downloaded from the internet. These are a low resolution and do not print correctly. Graphics must be at least 300dpi.
7. All unused color should be deleted from the file.
8. Make sure all spot colors are the appropriate color and are not in 4 color process format (CMYK).
9. Do not mix color to create a color unless you are using 4-color process (CMYK). We cannot match a custom mixed color.
10. Four-color graphics, including photos, are to be CMYK process, not RGB. Formats for files should be PDF, EPS, JPG or TIF and a minimum of 300dpi resolution.
11. Include all supporting graphics in an editable format with your submission if sending something other than a PDF.
12. If you are not including fonts, please outline your type!
13. Any special instructions must be submitted in writing.

We accept files in the following software:
Quark XPress – version 6.5 and 7
Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop – version CS3 or higher
Adobe Acrobat – must be saved as a Press Ready PDF
Microsoft Publisher – We cannot read Microsoft Publisher files. Please create hi-res PDF files for submission.

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(maximum total file size is 500MB)

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